SourceGuardian 7.0 for PHP – Mac OS X version

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We’ve just released a GUI for sourceguardian for Mac.
Now Mac PHP developers are able to use SourceGuardian encoder power
to protect PHP scripts.

SourceGuardian 7.0 for PHP is the ultimate protection solution for encoding and protecting your PHP scripts. It has full native bytecode encoding, time limiting scripts, IP and domain locking, a license generator and many other features. SourceGuardian 7.0 for PHP is the most comprehensive and user-friendly protection solution on the market.

SourceGuardian 7.0 for PHP is the only serious choice for protecting and encoding your PHP source code assets. It has the flexibility that other products only dream of – Professional PHP developers everywhere are using SourceGuardian products to distribute their scripts safely. Thousands of developers have turned to SourceGuardian because of the nominal investment and superb rich featureset.

SourceGuardian 7.0 for PHP Includes:

– Advanced bytecode obfuscation
– Install wizards for encoded scirpts and loaders
– Custom predefined constants
– Custom error handling
– Zend extension support
– Fully encode and deploy for PHP5 (and PHP4)
– Choice of Windows/Linux/Mac OS X encoding clients
– Work only with other files encoded with your copy of SourceGuardian™
– Command line encoder available now!
– Encrypt to domain name (for superrior security based on specified domain name)
– Encrypt to IP (for superrior security based on specified IP address)
– License generator for encoded scripts
– Replace the standard error handler with your own messages
– Full online help and PDF user manual
– Easy to use Wizard interface and Advanced mode in GUI
– Automatic backup of source files
– Deployment options
– Lock to multiple LAN hardware (MAC) addresses
– Full Bytecode Encryption – protect your files by removing the original PHP Source Code
– Powerful encryption built on top of Bytecode
– Lock to specific dates or days in the future
– Lock to multiple domain names
– Lock to multiple ip addresses
– Customised banners and messages for trial scripts and for IP/Domain limited scripts
– Run scripts under virtual hosting accounts with no change to the default php installation
– Encoded files run under Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Mac OS X, SunOS Solaris (x86-32-bit/x86-64-bit/Sparc)
– Encrypt multiple files, folders and projects with a single click
– Fully compatible with Zend Optimizer
– Requires no changes to the Linux kernel
– Create projects to easily manage your workload
– Add file masks for automatically including or excluding files
– Require no changes to the standard web server installation
– Include any HTML or PHP code to run before a protected script
– Encoding of HTML templates and other non-PHP files (including Smarty templates)
– Free minor updates
– Technical support

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