IP Banning

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Blocking certain IP addresses from your site is actually much easier than you might think.

In fact, it is only a seven-line code inserted at the top of your page!

The code:

1 :

Please note that the used IP addresses are randomly selected numbers.

Now, for the explanation of the code.

Line 1 simply opens the PHP code.

Line 2 sets the variable $banned to an array containing all the IP addresses you want to be blocked from your site.

Line 3 opens a conditional. The conditional uses the in_array() function. This function checks if the first argument is in the second argument, which is an array. Our first argument, $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’], is automatically set to the viewer’s IP address.

Line 4 echoes the message “You have been banned” if the user’s IP address is in the array $banned.

Line 5 exits the page, not executing any code below line 5 if the above conditions are met.

Line 6 ends the conditional.

Line 7 ends the PHP code.

So, if you are implementing this code into your page, just put it above the HTML tag like below:

My Page

Main content

And that is the simple code that blocks chosen IP addresses from your site.

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